There are many sides to customer engagement. We're on yours.

Customer acquisition, retention or recapture. At every phase of the customer lifecycle, Ascend helps you deliver the compelling engagement experience that accelerates success. For email, direct, social media, mobile and call center, we combine advanced technology, database expertise and on-target creative to ensure millions of customer interactions every year are highly individualized, adapting to customers’ actions in real time.

We have one goal. To give your brand its greatest chance to reach powerful, profitable customer engagement.



Ascend is an innovator in the customer engagement space. Lots of companies can execute adequate marketing programs with diverse initiatives. But fusing the various efforts into a cohesive, powerful customer engagement program that performs? One that’s powered by the latest technology and data expertise? That’s where it gets tough.

And that’s why we created Ascend. To deliver comprehensive customer engagement services, focused on creating compelling customer journeys and meeting your toughest technology and data challenges. Not a traditional agency or consultancy, Ascend is a new breed of marketing services provider in the way we work – as an extension of your own team, a plug-in high-performance partner with the advanced journey marketing skills that boost your capabilities and marketing success.

That’s Ascend. Engagement marketing – elevated.



A mix of B2B and B2C, the Ascend client base includes a wide range of companies, from burgeoning startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

OUR history

Founded in 2004, Ascend began as a six-person team of marketing professionals with deep experience in client-side marketing. With a keen understanding of the real challenges facing marketing leadership and the gaps in service that were – and still are – unmet by traditional agencies and consultancies, such as marketing and sales integration, channel development and performance analysis, Ascend was born.

Our team grew quickly, and in 2006 we relocated to Grapevine, Texas in metro Dallas. Our client list grew to include corporations such as Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent, Frito-Lay and Marriott, and our work deepened, especially in the areas of customer retention and prospect engagement. Today, Ascend is an award-winning firm, consistently named among the fastest-growing companies, from the Dallas Business Journal 100 to the Inc. 5000.

As digital marketing exploded and became more complex, Ascend moved deeper into full integration of web marketing, social media and database-enabled customer engagement. In 2014, we acquired Yellowfin Strategy + Design, significantly enhancing our brand and digital design capabilities. Now, as customer journey marketing skill is being acknowledged as a pivotal advantage for marketers, we’ve become experts in all its aspects. Leveraging our advanced technology, automation and database expertise, we work seamlessly with clients’ disparate databases, able to access millions of customer files instantly, across all communication channels, throughout the customer lifecycle and in real time. The result is effective customer decision-making that accelerates your company’s growth. 

With offices now in Grapevine and Austin, the Ascend team serves a range of clients nationwide, and is uniquely positioned to provide complete, end-to-end marketing services for companies pursuing the vision of total customer engagement.