Trish Lambert

Trish Lambert

After many years of managing marketing services for a variety of firms from her own consultancy to enterprise-level programs in global corporations, Trish Lambert brings her business savvy to Ascend in the form she loves best: Writing copy that makes a difference.

Trish mixes creativity with professional acumen in her content, creating copy that engages and motivates according to client needs. Her collaborations with the graphic side of the creative team produce “whole is greater than the sum of parts” results that make a meaningful impact to the content that Ascend produces.

At the center of Trish’s sizable sweet spot is knowledge marketing—the creation of content sharing deep expertise and knowledge that engenders trust and motivates action. She has ghost written a wide variety of knowledge marketing pieces for professionals and executives —including white papers, articles, blog posts and books—that have materially contributed to successful business development efforts.

When Trish is not writing copy that makes a difference, she is working on her Texas Hill Country ranch with five dogs, a cat, a parrot and four horses. Her colorful past includes growing up a military brat, over 20 years sailing the world’s oceans on small sailboats, and medal winning ballroom dancing.