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Andre de Moraes

Andre de Moraes

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Andre de Moraes joined Ascend with the idea of marrying two powerful disciplines within the company – campaign analytics and journey marketing. Like any good pragmatist, he began looking for commonalities and strengths in those areas, both among the people at Ascend and the technologies. 

Andre certainly has the educational background and work experience to get it done. Besides three international business degrees, he has more than 30 years of experience in sales support, eCommerce, marketing automation, and interactive media. The last seven and a half years have been spent at Rent-A-Center, where he designed and implemented the Rent-A-Center Intranet Portal, Online Product Catalog and led the IT organization in a multi-million-dollar eCommerce project.

Aside from his work background, Andre is a history buff and World War II reenactment enthusiast. He participates in military shows and even owns a BMW motorcycle from WW II.

“I have a passion for strategy and project management,” he says. “The beauty of Ascend is that an extremely talented team and the technology are already in place.”