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Cindy Cunningham

Cindy Cunningham

Cindy Cunningham is Ascend’s “secret weapon” when it comes to reporting and analysis.  With over 20 years’ experience in the world of telecom, Cindy has mastered the art of understanding the insights data provides and translates it all into actionable information – so that valuable business isn’t lost through neglect, but rather grown through customer knowledge.  Customer retention is her specialty!

Part of the Ascend team for over seven years, Cindy is married with two children and enjoys reading, sewing, boating and making her yard the best-looking one in the neighborhood.

“Three words that best describe me are cheerful, friendly and punctual,” Cindy says, “I love to help people make the best out of each day!”


Rob Lipscomb


Making sense out of the nebulous is where Rob Lipscomb’s talents add huge value for Ascend’s customers.  A behavioral scientist with a flair for marketing, Rob has established himself as a “go-to guy” when analysis of database information to create effective motivational campaigns comes into play.  

Responsible for marketing research, list management and loyalty programs at such well-respected companies as Verizon, Mary Kay and BeautiControl, we’re delighted to have Rob on the Ascend team.

Earning a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology from the University of North Texas, Rob is well qualified to take data analysis to the next level.  Married for 30 years with two grown children, his interests include golf, back-yard barbecue, and playing his trumpet.  

“I enjoy the variety of projects, the flexibility and interacting with so many smart and engaging people,” Rob says of his experience at Ascend.  

A little known fact about Rob is that he restored and drove a Model A Ford in high school.  Rob clarifies, “Just to be clear, it was already very old when I owned it."


Aaron Moeller


Aaron Moeller is developer and tech guru at Ascend. He’s known to be humble, charming, and an all around excellent person to work with. People often say, “I like that Aaron guy. Put him to work on my stuff.”

Aaron obtained his BFA in Web Design & Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Austin, winning Best in Show at his final portfolio show. He brings a diverse set of skills from his education, ranging from design to coding and more. He’s taken the lead on Ascend’s Office 365 Administration and is a vital part of the Ascend team. 

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kung-fu movies, making jewelry, playing deck building games, and wood working. He recently married his long time girlfriend, Xandra. Someday they want to own a small farm and sell goat dairy products like soaps, cheeses, and milk.


Rachel Robertson


John Sunkel

John uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create innovative responses to complex problems. With knowledge gained through courses at MIT, Stanford and Johns Hopkins, he applies the latest approaches and technology, and continues to engage with leading edge thinking so that he can translate it for use by Ascend’s clients. When he isn’t immersed in science and math or busy doing things as a husband and father, John brews beer and plays golf—though not at the same time.


Josh White

Josh White

Josh White is Ascend’s go to team member for his in-depth knowledge and expertise in data analysis and report creation.

A ten-year veteran of Verizon he is passionate about being easy to reach, highly responsive and always making time for follow up. Josh’s mantra, “Quality is incredibly important, but quick response time is invaluable.”

Agile, approachable and focused, Josh is a highly valuable Ascend team member and a major asset to all his clients.

Josh thrives when working in a collaborative team environment. He loves a good challenge and feels the variety of work and projects at Ascend creates exciting opportunities.

Josh has a rich and varied educational background. He majored in Jazz Performance and has experience as an ambulance driver!

When asked what one thing people would be surprised to know about him, Josh is proud to recount he lived and worked in the woods of New England for three years as a wilderness medic.

Josh and his wife Maria have two cats. His biggest focus outside work and family is motorcycling and watching and attending Moto races.