Brice Franks


Motivation has never been an issue for Brice Franks, who recently joined our technology team at Ascend.
Driven to succeed, Brice’s goal is to “always deliver the assets before the deadline.” Couple that with his can-do approach of helping others with their projects and assignments, if appropriate, and it’s easy to see why Brice has a bright future with the company.

While his primary responsibilities at Ascend are executing email campaigns and Web development (HTML5, CSS3), he has lots of experience in other areas, including production, quality assurance, manufacturing, and marketing. 

This has allowed me to become productive and efficient in different ways,” Franks said. “I am easy-going, yet assertive, and I take things as they come. I understand that there is something to learn and take in.”

It’s that culture at Ascend that he truly appreciates.

“I love that I’m finally doing something that interests me, while also working for a great company like Ascend, which fosters independence and self-drive,” he said.

Brice spends much of his off-time in the community volunteering as well as spending time with wife Crystal, daughter Jordan and son Cameron.