How to Make a Great Title Sequence

How to Make a Great Title Sequence


What is brand identity and why is it important in the digital world? I believe that many businesses struggle with this question, especially in the beginning. Just like in the print world, you want a digital identity that will stand out from the rest and at the same time be recognizable.  This is accomplished via your logo, still images, typography—and the title credit sequence at the beginning of your video clips. Here is how you can create a great title credit sequence.


Brand identity today is not limited to print media. In this social-media-driven market, branded digital media is a necessity for any company marketing on the internet. The stronger your digital media, the stronger your chance of increasing awareness and interest in your business.


Digital media is not just words and still pictures. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and (of course) Youtube all allow video uploads to their streams, and Twitter and Pinterest (along with the others) can be used to promote links to videos residing elsewhere. It is important to include videos in your digital marketing assets.


It is also very important to have an opening title sequence in front of your video. This is sort of a “logo in motion”—think of the roaring lion in the beginning of any MGM movie or the bouncing desk lamp of Pixar. Whenever you see these clips, you know you will be watching an MGM movie or a Pixar production. The branding, both visual and aural, has become burned in the brain of most audiences. 


I recently designed and developed a title credit sequence for Ascend Marketing for primary use in the company’s Youtube channel videos; the goal is to become recognizable to the public with both the visual look and the audio intensity. I considered the existing logo colors, the meaning of the word "ascend," and who  Ascend Marketing is. Using Adobe After Effects CS6, I created this cinematic ten second media clip.

If you want to develop your own title credit sequence—and I highly recommend doing so—here are three preliminary steps to get you started:


1.     Research the title credit sequences used by your competitors (if any) and evaluate them. Note any ideas around how to make yours stand out from the crowd.

2.     Look at yourself. Think about your company's core values, what kind of market you want to attract, and anything else that could make your brand relatable to your company in viewers’ minds.

3.     Collaborate. Get suggestions from employees, customers, friends, and family about how they think your idea can be even better. This kind of “group-thinking” can produce some amazing and stunning results.


If you have any questions about title credit sequences and how to create them or if you are interested in having someone to develop one for you, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer your questions and, if desired, provide you with a quote.