How Can Brands Create Unforgettable Experiences?

I enjoyed reading this insightful article from the Huff Post Business blog entitled, Creating Insight-Driven Experiences To Build BrandsBlog author, Gabrey Means is spot on when she advices making sure to consider the experience you want consumers to have with your brand.

Tapping insights can help architect an experience that feels like a moment of kismet, adding dimension to the brand and bringing it to life in a way no other medium can.

Means advises brands focus on:

Right time, right place - when and where your consumer will be most receptive to engage.

Details, details, details - regularly invest in ethnographic research and other data points to paint a detailed and rich picture of their target audience, often down to what they wear, how they decorate their homes, their favorite food, music, hobbies and vacation spots.

Igniting conversation - With all the data readily available, understanding how to authentically bake social sharing drivers into your experience in a way that resonates with your consumers is right at your fingertips. There's simply no excuse for not getting it right.