Who's looking at you? - The best tip I've heard in a while for working LinkedIn

This morning, I attended the Social Media Breakfast at Innovation Week in Austin, hosted by @Peoplefund. While watching an awesome presentation by Social Media Consultant Michelle Stinson Ross (@SocialMichelleR), I learned something that really fascinated me... when it comes to what drives us socially, nothing's changed since junior high. 

Obviously, building a network and adding connections on LinkedIn is a great and worthy goal. The new tip I heard was more about how to go about doing that. Michelle's tip was pretty brilliant: 

It's just like junior high... people want to know who's looking at them and who's talking about who. If you go through and simply look at a bunch of profiles, without actually inviting them to connect, it will result in more connections simply from people being curious about you because you looked at them. 

I love that tip because it really saves me from that uncomfortable intro... "hey we should connect" when I haven't actually met them face to face. It's more of a pull technique than a push technique. The stats she referenced were pretty interesting too: 20% of folks you look at will look back at you, and 2% will request a connection. 

Give this tip a try and let me know how it works for you! Tweet me @TinaSchweiger