In today's world the roles have been reversed between marketer & customer. Are you ready?

Excellent article by Don E. Schulz published from the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News on the role reversal in today’s world between marketers and consumers.

My key takeaways:

  • The big change in today’s marketplace is that the marketer or maker is no longer the seller. The buyer—or consumer or customer, or whatever we want to call him—has taken over.
  • What marketers don’t seem to understand is that this reversal of roles is really their greatest opportunity ever. When consumers advertise, they are, in essence, saying: “Give me something that will help me celebrate myself. See what I’m doing and take me to the next level. You don’t have to find me. I’ll find you.” 
  • The challenge today is fairly clear: Makers and marketers must change. They have to give up their selling skills and develop their response skills. More sharing than selling. More listening than talking. Less focus on the bottom line and much more focus on reciprocity and shared values. Most of all, makers and marketers need to improve and enhance their analytical skills. 

Photo sourced from Flickr, credit to MJ Boswell.