Aren’t the holidays great?

 If you answered that question with anything less than wild enthusiasm, we have a little something to boost your spirits. We are sure you’ll laugh at least once, and if you’re like us, you’ll chuckle all the way through. 

Enjoy! And happy holidays from us to you!


Who will win this puppy-iPad smack down? Our money is on the iPad.

This corgi does an awesome imitation of a carpet. So lifelike!


Oh yeah. Don’t we all look like this when we get taken for a ride?

Performing panda tries to make a break for it, and discovers freedom is a slippery slope.



This kitten has the look down for sure. Who could say no to the little minx?


Instructions are one thing, but a dog’s gotta do what a dog wants to do.

And again, BLISS OUT!!!


This room matches the piglet so well, if it wasn’t scampering around it would be invisible.

And in case you missed it before, BLISS OUT!!!