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Ameriflex - Concepting, strategy and new customer experience fuel a whole new web experience

A new brand expression, concept and design for

An outdated interface and confusing user experience dictated the need for both a new brand expression and user experience for Ameriflex's prospects and customers. 

Starting with an innovation workshop, we collaborated with key leadership at Ameriflex to hone in on the 'single most compelling idea' that needed to be communicated on their new website. This efficient, collaborative session spanned two days and covered stakeholder maps, personas, priorities, and established the beginning storyboards for their user's experience.  

The outcome of the workshop fueled the development of sitemaps, wireframes, and a complete consolidation and re-work of content.

A creative exercise landed a new brand voice that is more fun and relevant to the target audience. A new set of custom illustrations were developed for the site. 

A new website that will serve as the foundation for all brand expression and sales.