Customer segmentation strategies help Alpheus Communications manage growth



Alpheus Communications needed a segmentation strategy to manage exploding customer demand. Large amounts of data had been captured – but understanding what it was telling them was arduous.

First, in just a few weeks, new systems and processes were developed and implemented to capture key metrics and reporting processes. This allowed the team to build an overview of key performance indicators, demand metrics and new customer segmentation strategies. This quick-response analytics solution gave the client the critical information needed to develop new marketing and operational strategies to meet customer demand and immediate growth.

The quick-response solution was then expanded into a highly robust capture, analysis and reporting system that turns terabytes of raw data into concise and actionable knowledge in a near real-time environment. Layering of a performance assessment dashboard helped the client’s senior management quickly visualize – and act upon – develping trends that drive strategy while fully supporting marketing operations and execution.

Alpheus Communications can now accurately predict, generate and sustain service requirements and customer satisfaction to maintain rapid growth.