Verizon - Agile process integrates fresh messaging and increases retention and open rates


Finding new and effective ways to engage with customers and prospects via digital marketing.

Seeing declining results in its offline marketing programs, one of the world’s largest telecom providers began a shift to include online marketing, but recognized a serious capabilities gap.

Finding a need for more agile processes in both list management and creative processes along with a need for forward-looking message planning and poor lead closing tools were driving up cost and limiting sales potential. The old “batch and blast” philosophy was not getting hoped-for results. A change was overdue.

Following a needs assessment to better understand the situation, Ascend created a unique FlexTeam – seamlessly “plugging in” to complement and stretch the client’s current resources help them to take the digital effort to the next level.

Creating a calendar with messages focused on high customer relevancy, an email campaign was built – growing over time into an entire series based on the customer life cycle.

Ascend’s creative and impactful HTML emails and messaging increased open rates up to 30%. Data revealed that business customers receiving these emails had a higher retention rate over customers not receiving any emails.  Our client has dramatically decreased marketing expenses through highly effective email campaigns and reduced their reliance on direct mail.

Reinvigorating the market and injecting an online component into the marketing mix has resulted in a sustained sales increase – enabling our client to build upon its industry leadership.