VZ-Q1 2016 Campaign brainstorm

Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

Attending / Participating: Tracy Gray, Victoria Milner, Drew Lillie, Stephanie Perks
Facilitating / Participating: Tina Schweiger 

We started with "what's on your radar" 

To get a level set on what was on everyone's mind, we created a radar with the following categories: 

  • Goals
  • Process / Controls / internal stuff
  • Creative
  • Competition
  • Testing
  • Targeting
  • Matrix
  • Open - create your own category

We each filled out notes itemizing for discussion what was on our radar and how important. See picture: 

We pulled out some items immediately for discussion:

  • Poor quality quarterly readouts needs attention
  • How does the Frontier spinoff affect us? 
  • Need a closer tie between production and finance, Stephanie said PO management was an issue
  • We talked about Client Ownership - empowering PL's to own the client relationship, that there should be only one PL per account (otherwise it's confusing to the client) and some PL's can handle more than one account. 
  • We talked about clear client direction (client mind-changing) and solving with the up-front communications strategy.

Overall, we realized that there were many issues to tackle in just how we work together as a team and with our clients. 

That led us to discussing the client structure and internal structure. 

Stephanie led a discussion diagramming out how the Verizon client was structured. 

We had a discussion about how we are structured and looked at the visualization. We talked about how we build the program trackers and how we could tie people to hours with a clear view of how we are organized as well. 

Tina shared the draft of our organization:

We're looking forward to working this out further and sharing with the team at large, hopefully in January. 

Tina drew out how the dollars should add up in how we bill Verizon. Victoria / Tina / Tracy are meeting tomorrow, 12/16, to review program trackers on where they are and take one more pass at the projects budgets with a clearer picture of both client and internal organization. 

Then we shifted gears to talk about Q1 offer plans 

We plotted out all campaigns based on their position in the customer journey - Acquisition to onboarding, engagement / upsell, then renewals. What we noticed was that segmentation was less important in the renewals column-- as everyone pretty much gets the same notices and they're sorta 'business-as-usual'. Same with onboarding. And actually, we noticed that these columns do one better: 

Onboarding and renewals are personalized not just segmented. 

We talked about focusing on segments in the Acquisition and engagement / upsell columns. 

We walked through everyones offers for the quarter, and noticed they were all centered around a $250 Visa card offer. We also talked a lot about the delivery methods, and talked about what Drew was doing in Social. 

Good nuggets

Social media content is ripe to be taken into email and landing pages. Social media content that scores well with a lot of likes can be repurposed into the emails and landing pages to serve both as validation and cross-media content. 
How does a $250 gift card help a small business? Is it a personal perk, or a 'every little bit helps' bonus for the business? We talked about many ways to look at it. We talked about what campaigns it applied to, and how, and what ones it didn't. 

Quarterly campaign idea

We came up with an over-arching theme that could tie together the quarterly campaign: 

250 ways to build your business

We talked about numbering them, doing different versions for different segments, and having a flexible framework for the campaign that could apply creatively to all offers and segments. 

We talked through how we could organize a deck for each PL to share with their client contact. 

Items to cover:

  • Quarter Theme
  • How it relates to each segment
  • Personas
  • What is success? Upfront goals and weekly debriefs
  • Mock up one example for each client
  • How will we evolve? (social content, expanded image bank?)
  • What are the key factors for testing?

Next steps

We talked about another work session in early January, with some creative development happening in advance.