Tracy Gray is an accomplished, clever, and modern day marketing communications professional known for her ability to champion the intersection of creativity, technology, and culture in order to help brands grow.

She is crisp and articulate in her communications, highly dedicated, motivated and detail-oriented and places a high value in the input of her teammates. Tracy excels at running complex pieces of business across a diverse range of categories, including technology, healthcare, financial, retail, and consumer goods.

Driven by a thirst for customer insights, she is as savvy in the digital arts as she is in classic marketing and advertising disciplines, which has resulted in an excellent track record of leading and managing integrated brand campaigns that achieve impact.

Tracy earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications/Advertising from Southern Methodist University. Tracy is an avid Ironman Finisher. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Madi and is confident she will one day be the next American Idol!

The next time you see Tracy ask her about the time she was on the David Letterman show and made the Top 10 List!