Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey mapping game

A Prezi where you can copy and paste icons on a customer journey map template. Prezi's are kinda fun for the presentation quality - you can zoom around when presenting. 


Article with multiple custom examples

Article on Smashing Magazine showing a few good examples of custom designed customer journey maps.

The process of creating a customer journey map has to begin with getting to know users.

Many organizations already have some information about users. In fact, you might meet resistance from those who feel that repeating this exercise would be a waste of time. This is why gathering existing research is a good start. Often, this research will be out of date or buried in a drawer somewhere.

By gathering existing research, you will see what the organization knows and how relevant that information is. This will placate those who are resistant, while potentially saving you some research effort.

There are two types of research: analytical and anecdotal.